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Choose from a variety of training courses

Handgun and  Ammunition

Pistol/Rifle Programs

  • *Custom Request (Focused on your needs/desires)

  • Personal Instruction - Fundamentals of Marksmanship

  • Choosing a firearm

  • Concealed Carry Considerations

  • Advanced Skills Development

  • Handgun Manipulations

  • Rifle Manipulations

LEOSA/HR-218/Retired Law Enforcement Identification Act (RLEIA)

We are certified to provide the yearly certification for retired Law Enforcement under the provisions of LEOSA/RLEIA for RESIDENTS of Pennsylvania.


Trauma First Aid (TFA) / Tac-Med Basic

Based on a multitude of curriculum's and personal experience, this class will prepare you for events in which trauma is caused, and you may have the opportunity to save a life (Active Shooter, stabbing, traumatic injury, vehicle accident, etc...) We will teach you the use of a Tourniquet, Pressure Dressing, Wound Packing, Chest Seals in addition to Moving Casualties, and the Recovery Position. Cadre have over 30 years experience in Civilian EMS as well as Military medicine.


Most deaths are a result of uncontrolled bleeding - “immediate responders” are likely non-medical personnel potentially in a position to help - If we can train these immediate responders to STOP THE BLEED... we can save lives

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