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We love teaching..! Your Cadre are firearms enthusiast with a heavy background in Emergency Services/Public Safety. 

Whether it is teaching you how to manipulate your handgun or rifle... or treating the wounded, we got you covered. 

Company Overview:

We provide instruction in the following areas:

  • Firearms Orientation & Safety

  • Firearm Selection Assistance 

  • Shooting Fundamentals

  • Firearm Manipulation 

  • Situational Awareness/Conflict Avoidance

  • Qualification for Retired Law Enforcement under RLEIA/LEOSA/HR 218

  • Trauma First Aid

  • American College of Surgeons, STOP THE BLEED®

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Our Background

All of the Defensive Studies Group Instructor Cadre have worked in Emergency Medical Services either currently or in the past. Work experience of our Cadre include Federal Law Enforcement, State Law Enforcement, Aeromedical Evacuation, Tactical Response Team (SWAT), Search and Rescue, U.S. Military, Incident Management, Emergency Management, Licensed Practical Nursing, and significant training, collaboration, and deployments under FEMA and DHS.

Furthermore, our instructors are Certified by Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission (MPOETC), National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Division (NRA-LE), U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA), American Safety Health Institute (ASHI), American Heart Association (AHA), National Safety Council, American College of Surgeons (ACS)

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